About Us

Our Mission
To transform economic storms into opportunity and prosperity for all who will listen.

Our customers expect us to:

• Look out for their best interests

• Inform them on the economy and the markets

• Do our best to deliver on time

• Keep their precious metals safe

• Keep their personal and financial information confidential

• Be available to them

• Help solve any problems related to their transactions

• Never betray their trust

Our customers expect our ethics to be beyond reproach.

Our Vision

Our values form the basis of how we act towards each other and how we do business with our customers and suppliers.We have an impeccable reputation, a commitment to customer satisfaction and high standards of quality control on every product sold Excellence

In safety, customer focus and service, productivity and personal accountability Ethics Being honest in all our actions and doing what we say we will do Equity. Respect for each other and fairness in our dealings with customers and suppliers

Our vision is to create and deliver outstanding value to all our stakeholders in a safe, environmentally sound and commercially fair manner. Our values are the foundation of our vision.

Inorbit Mercury is one of the largest online dealers concentrating on selling Silver and Red Mercury Liquid directly to the public over the world wide web. The public would be receiving enormous savings from one of the present and future leader in the Silver and Red Mercury world. We guarantee our customers continual access to one of the largest inventories of Silver and Red Mercury Liquid.